We open access to closed presales

Building a multi-chain launchpad and a secondary marketplace for early stage tokens and NFTs
We will release the alpha version of the MVP in Q1 2023. It's a promise!
Tokens bought on lunchpads usually end up as dead weight, and you'll be left without liquidity for the next 6-11 months until unfreezing or unlocking happens. That's not cool. My team of hotheads and I decided to fix that. In a nutshell, we're creating a launchpad that allows you to sell or pledge tokens on contractual terms. Oh, I almost forgot. We're also building a DAO, posting cool stuff about cryptocurrencies, and having discussions on our channel.
Bogdan Gavrilets | founder and ceo metapool.me
We are pleased to announce that metapool.me is now the first launchpad to introduce a new standard in the web3 startup crowdfunding market. Today, it is still difficult to understand which projects are worth the attention and money spent on them, and which ones are better to avoid. Our solution allows you to evaluate projects in terms of undertaken and fulfilled obligations publicly, which significantly reduces the risks of investors and increases the level of community trust.
Mike Mironov | CEO UPromise.Me

What is MetaPool?

This is a service that allows you to earn on presales without having a large amount of assets and knowledge in the field of blockchain or cryptocurrency

  • Finance

    We give you the opportunity to earn on closed pre-sales, without complex procedures for holding tokens and increasing «karma». You don't have a lot of assets? In MetaPool, you can join pools with other users.

  • Education

    We make complex – comprehensible through training. We write articles and understandable analytics, and select video tutorials. With us, you will easily and safely enter the world of cryptocurrencies, and understand how to choose profitable projects approved for investment.

  • Community

    We are creating a community of users, investors and just crypto enthusiasts around the world. We spread a culture of investment based on analytics, security, mutual assistance and sharing approach.

  • You’ll get 100%

    Holders of tokens will receive 100% of the net profit of the marketplace.

  • 100% easy hold

    Immediately after the launch of MetaPool, we will grade the accounts of token holders and offer additional opportunities for earning.

  • 100 000 airdrop

    100,000 MTP tokens will be raffled between token holders and members of our community on the website and our social media

  • Total emission MTP: 3,125,000

    The BEP 20 format token is issued on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

Купить токен MTP

The New Way to Inspire

Unicorn Platform is a powerful website builder for startups, solo-entrepreneurs and hackers. Try it for free.
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    Unicorn Platform is a powerful website builder for startups, solo-entrepreneurs and hackers.
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    Unicorn Platform is a powerful website builder for startups, solo-entrepreneurs and hackers.
  • What is MetaPool DYOR Collection?

    DYOR is the first NFT PoTA collection that stores internally interchangeable tokens of a project that provides allocations


    For future friends

    We are always ready to partner with startups, companies, teams, and influencers who share the idea of developing the crypto industry and creating quality products for people!
    • What can we offer?

      • Placement of allocations
      • Collabs
      • Media support
      • Extensive networking
    • What are we looking for?

      • Crypto startups
      • Accelerators
      • Marketing companies
    • Who are we looking for?

      • Advisors
      • Market/Project analysts
      • Ambassadors


    Angels Investments $0,7 $14 000 0,4 20 000
    Private Sale $1,7 $1 360 000 16 800 000
    Public sale I $5 $1 000 000 4 200 000
    Public sale II $9 $1 620 000 3,6 180 000
    Public sale III $15 $5 400 000 7,2 360 000
    Liquidity 8 300 000
    Marketing 11 545 000
    Development 11 545 000
    Ecosystem Growth 7 350 000
    Team 14 700 000
    Advisor 5 250 000
    DAO trasure 12 610 000
    Airdrop 3 125 000
    TOTAL $9 394 000 100 4 985 000
    0.4% Angels investmens
    16% Private Sale
    4% Public sale I
    3.6% Public Sale II
    7.2% Public Sale III
    6% Liquidity
    11% Marketing
    11% Development
    7% Ecosystem Growth
    14% Team
    5% Advisor
    12% DAO trasure
    3% Airdrop

    Fundraising is now open!

    Now we're looking for cool foundations to grow together with! We're opening the first private sale round of our token to raise $1,360,000
    • We have been building MetaPool since 12.2021

    • Already raised $20,000 in angel investments

    • The MVP is ready for launch

    • $MTP has extensive utility

    • Potential to grow to 570k users in 3 years


    Wow, how much work has been done. And how much work remains to be done!
    • The service team is assembled; MVP project documentation assembled; A white paper is created. Local MVP of the project is ready
    • Connect with strangers
    • Enjoy your app!


    Wow, how much work has been done. And how much work remains to be done!


    We are MetaPool.me 

    • Photo 2022 05 23 16 52 46
      Bogdan Gavrilets

      Ideas generator, agile evangelist, promotes crypto culture and brings light to the minds

    • Photo 2022 06 14 16 53 10
      Tony Levinskii
      chief operating officer

      Great expertise in the blockchain industry and a passion for establishing workflow

    • Img 0696
      Alex Kühn
      Communications | Media Director

      9+ years of experience in media, business interpreter and an avid crypto head

    • Photo 2022 06 14 19 31 21
      Konstantin Neronov
      Head of collaboration. MetaMates

      Kostya develops collaborations and directs partnerships, promotes the concept of Web3

    • Kisseleva darya
      Darya Kisseleva
      Project Manager. MetaLamp

      Increases the efficiency of the team, quickly solves any problem, even one that doesn't exist yet

    • Photo 2022 05 26 15 19 43
      Alex Bezrukov
      Community Managers Team Lead

      Alex is able to skillfully gather a community even in vacuum

    • Photo 2023 01 17 15.07.59
      Daria Bild
      Marketing Lead

      Genius of strategies with out-of-the-box solutions, adept of edutainment in marketing and openness in crypto

    • Mikhail yakubchuk
      Mikhail Yakubchuk
      Lead Frontend Developer. MetaLamp

      Commands all the logic of the frontend and on you with Metamask

    • Mikhail dashkevich
      Mikhail Dashkevich
      Technical Lead. MetaLamp

      Mikhail speaks Python and manages the technical side of the project

    • Ivan prokofiev
      Ivan Prokofyev
      Backend Developer. MetaLamp

      If you see this, then Ivan has already done it on the backend

    • Roman yarlykov 2
      Roman Yarlykov
      Solidity Developer. MetaLamp

      It is said that a smart contract is a smart. Roma is smarter

    • Valeriy ovsyannikov
      Valeriy Ovsyannikov
      QA Engineer. MetaLamp

      Valeriy doesn't release bugs into production, even if the developers see them as a feature

    • Vladislav starostenko
      Vladislav Starostenko
      UX/UI Designer. MetaLamp

      Makes the users life a little easier and more understandable, at least on our platform

    • Igor smolkov
      Igor Smolkov
      Frontend Developer. MetaLamp

      Will help you understand the interface and get aesthetic pleasure from interacting with it

    • Розовый лого 2
      Join our team!

      We are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and minds. Write to us and together we will create smth cool!

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